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Title:A Singaporean company specialising in restroom cleanliness management solution using IoT – Smart Toilet System Sensor for ammonia and people counting. Looking for distributor services agreement in Europe.
Summary:A Singaporean company that developed a Smart Toilet System for a maintenance free technology that consists of People Density Counter and Ammonia Sensor. Data collected with analytics provide predictive cleaning and inventory usage. This technology improves productivity of rest room and building cleaning companies.
Description:This Singaporean company was established in 2015. They focus on developing ultra-low power Internet-of-Things (IoT) and strive to be a leading provider of sensory devices for restroom and building facilities. Sensors are the centre of this incredible growth as they are key elements for gathering and outputting valuable data. This system is maintenance free, cost effective and scalable sensor network system with capability for toilet cleanliness and frequency of toilet usage monitoring using sensory data collected wirelessly through integrated energy harvesting sensor transmitter device and dedicated cleanliness sensor. Technologies that count the number of user going past the toilet's main door and ammonia sensors. This system is expected to improve the productivity of cleaning companies by up to 50 percent. Toilets are usually cleaned at regular intervals, regardless of the number of times the toilet is used. This result in manpower wastage. The complete solution comprises a comprehensive package of hardware, algorithms, gateway, server and interface software that performs: 1) Mesh data collection and management 2) Data storage and mining 3) Data exploration and visualization.
Advantages and Innovations: - Measure the ammonia concentration level and automatically send SMS alert when it reach the pre-set threshold ammonia level. - Count the number of people and automatically send SMS alert when it reach the pre-set threshold number. - Send SMS or email alert to cleaner or supervisor when the restroom are in poor condition. - Show the people traffic of the restroom - Zero manpower and knowledge to maintain the system - Improve productivity by deployment of manpower to where it needs most - On demand cleaning improve water consumption - Gain insight into the cleanliness of the restrooms at your fingertips thru Real-time display (GUI). Print hard copy if necessary.
Stage of Development: Already on the market
IPR status:Copyright
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Technology Keywords:10002010 Remote sensing technology
Market Keywords: 06006002 metering and monitoring
Partner Sought
Type and Role of Partner Sought:The ideal candidate should be companies doing IoT, system Integration, cleaning equipment industry or restroom cleaning companies in hotels/hospitals/airport/universities/shopping malls, etc.
Type and Size of Partner Sought:
Type of Partnership Considered:
Type and Size of Client: SME <=10
Year Established:2015
Turnover (euro): < 1 million
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:No
Languages Spoken:English
Client Country:Singapore
Sector Group:Environment
Restrict dissemination to specific countries: Europe:
Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , Greece , Hungary , Ireland , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malta , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Slovakia , Slovenia , Sweden , United Kingdom
Singapore , Turkey